Sunday, 7 September 2008

Java links

This is a list of Java related links I've gathered over time.

2007-12-22: A introduction to REST

2007-12-05: Web framework comparison again. Matt Raible: first PDF (classic Java frameworks) and the the second PDF (not so pure Java).

2007-12-05: J2EE news. I used to read TheServerSide but recently InfoQ seems be much more interesting.

2007-11-10: SOFEA - the future(?) of web frameworks. By reading this discussion (actual paper - pdf) you'll learn what the web framework should be and why Java web frameworks are anti-frameworks.

2007-07-19: catch (InterruptedException e). Did you ever have a problem what to do with InterruptedException? Here is a tip.

2007-01-05: Design Driven Development. A book good book about architecture and design, without any technology dependencies at InfoQ

2006-02-17: AOP Article. A good article on AOP – at developerWorks (not only on AOP: design patterns, frameworks, QA, etc. also addressed). Before this I was rather skeptic about AOP. Now I’m rather excited J - I’d like to see a really OO system, with design patterns, and some crosscutting concerns designed as Aspects.

2005-04-25: Annotation. When to annotate - read a Bill Burke blog entry

Web Frameworks. See comparison by Matt Raible [PDF]

Micro Benchmarks. On testing small aspects of the application - at developerWorks

Exceptions. J2EE Exception handling strategy - a JavaWorld article

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